“Linda McGuirk got me through my first Triathlon. Without her, I know I wouldn’t have made it beyond halfway. Not only did she unravel knots in muscles I never knew I had, her advice on stretching and strengthening was invaluable. Believe me, the hands may be magic but they take no prisoners. My legs never felt so good! I couldn’t recommend Linda McGuirk highly enough”

Mark-Triathlete, Wicklow.
“I have been seeing Linda on an ongoing basis for the past two years. I ride horses competitively and understand the importance of my body mechanics working in harmony with my horse. I will go to Linda at least once a month, in this time there may be an issue in my back, leg or neck which is quickly delt with instead of it effecting our over all performance. Sometimes Linda will give me a general muscle work out, and believe me this is not for pleasure! Her hands hit the spot everytime. I would attribute my success out competing to Linda and her skill as a therapist”.
Sarah, Eventer, Enniskerry
“During my time as an amateur rugby player in Wicklow, I have come to rely on Energise Therapy for their experience in diagnosing and treating sports injuries. They provide an excellent service in allowing me to return from injury in the quickest possible time and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional and skilled care.”
Ross, Rugby player, Wicklow.
“First session with Shockwave Therapy done, it was great to feel a noticeable improvement with the first session. Wasn’t expecting that result, amazing machine! Thanks for the help and advice Linda.”
Stephen, Mountain Biker, Lough Dan, Roundwood.
“Extremely professional! I went to Linda as I had back pain. She was extremely professional and the results were almost instant. She has amazing strength in her hands to work all the knots out!! I was delighted with the service and happily recommend her.”
Linda O'leary, Nutritionist.
“After suffering a grade two hamstring tear, I was referred to Linda McGuirk in Energise Therapy, Ashford, Co Wicklow. Through a combination of physical manipulation, dry needling, treatment from her Siemens Shockwave Therapy machine and very good advice, I was back playing competitive hockey within five weeks. Energise Therapy has now armed me with knowledge of how to minimise the recurrence of not only my hamstring injury, but also of any dangers that might also be looming.
Many thanks to you Linda. I will highly recommend Energise Therapy to other ageing hockey players.”
Stephen, Hockey Player
“Would highly recommend! My treatment was for an Achilles injury I got a while back and which had been leaving me with a lot of pain in the sole/ball of my foot. I contacted Linda and made an appointment for treatment. I found her very easy to talk to and was very good with the technical side of the problem as well as explaining it to me in “lay mans” terms what the mechanics of the injury were. After Linda’s assessment I received the Shock wave treatment which I found extremely good with only four sessions needed and really noticed the difference on the first session to my amazement. I found Linda to be very professional, friendly and most of all having a very good understanding of the technical side to her profession which you do not always receive in other practices. I would highly recommend this clinic for any sports injuries etc..”
Dylan, Motocross Rider. Wicklow

After being to a few physios and still struggling with injuries, I contacted Linda. On first assessment she could see problems in my hip, thus causing injuries in both my hamstring and thigh. This all preventing me from taking part in full training and limited games.
Linda set out a treatment programme for me involving dry needling, shockwave therapy and stretching. It was my first time experiencing shockwave therapy and to be honest it’s not for the faint hearted, but I noticed an almost instant improvement.
With a balance of training and treatment from Linda I was amazed at how quickly the injuries cleared and I was back to full training. She had me back to full fitness for the championship and without her help and expertise I wouldn’t have got the chance to captain my team to a county final win.
I also referred some of the lads from the team to her and, as promised, she had them all fit at the right time. I couldn’t speak highly enough of Linda who played a big part in my success this year.

Nicky Mernagh, Rathnew GAA, Rathnew GAA